"45"Ink and graphite18 x 40 inchesAll but one of these whales is now dead.Representing the 45 individuals of the southern resident killer whale population that were captured and placed into aquarium facilies around the world. Each is represented as accurately as possible to their true markings.Moby Doll, the first orca ever captured and put on display 50 years ago, is at the top. Tokitae/Lolita, the only survivor, is at the bottom. 


Oh 1976…

The whole whale, guys. The whole whale.

Okay, I’m going to bed now, if anyone has any specific whale requests then let me know. It would be good to draw some captives so get asking if you’d like me to draw them!(References would be handy, if you can’t find one though don’t worry.) G’night :)


a big family by winkyintheuk on Flickr.



Honestly the only reason I can think that Morgan’s verdict has been postponed so many times is that Loro Parque/SeaWorld are fucking around and are trying to get her pregnant so she can’t be taken away from them.

Agreed. They are monsters I swear. I hope to God she hasn’t been impregnated or they’ve been trying to A.I her, they’ll do anything to keep from losing a genetic cash cow.

This is literally heartbreaking. I feel like I’m watching a machine break down and mold a valuable mass. Like you hammer and work a lump of gold to make a ring. It’s just horrible, they’re breaking Morgan mentally and physically (she’s far too young to become pregnant) so that they can use her to their advantage and nothing makes me more sad for her. She needs to go home, she’s still just a baby :(






The Free Morgan Foundation is more than disappointed that once again the High Court in Den Haag has postponed Morgan’s verdict. We understand your frustration as we await confirmation of the new verdict date. We are…

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